If not now, then when?

This week marks the week that we formally launch our new brand, World Commerce and Contracting. These are exciting times. These are challenging times. And together we are rising to that challenge.

Our change of name is a reflection of this expanded mission and ambition.

Time and again over the last six months I have listened to our members talk about the need for change. Time and again I have heard them express the view that if ever there was a moment for us to embrace fundamental change in our ways of working and in our underlying commercial models, it is now.

IACCM was founded by our President Tim Cummins 21 years ago, and today the association has grown to 70,000 members from all around the world. The diversity of our community is something I am immensely proud of and indeed I believe that it is only through that diversity that we can even begin to realise our mission of improving the quality and integrity of trading relationships. It is only through diversity that the ambition for change will be realised.

Our change of name is a reflection of this expanded mission and ambition. Building on the amazing success of IACCM’s 21 years, World Commerce and Contracting provides the platform to create and sustain the standards needed in our troubled world.

Commercial and Contract Management have rarely been more important, more critical to the challenge of economic and social needs. Not only is there a desperate need for economic recovery, but we all sense the urgency for social recovery – for a rebalancing of opportunity and inclusion. In a recent interview with Halla Tomasdottir, CEO of the B Team, we reflected together on the importance of building a new economic model, one that is sustainable, trusted and strong. Halla herself commented on the power that she sees lying in the hands of our community. These changes and improvements truly do depend on your work, the work of every commercial and contracting expert. It was an inspiring interview which you too can listen to by joining us and many hundreds of our members at our VIBE Summit starting on the 21st September 2020.

We believe there is no better time to make this progressive move as a community and we are proud to confirm our strong position as the leading commerce and contracting association.

World Commerce & Contracting – safeguarding all that is best from our past and promoting all that is needed for our future.

Published by Sally Guyer

Chief Executive Officer for World Commerce & Contracting.

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